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Goa Pocket Guide is a PDF travel guide with all essential information on Goa travel and holidays. The PDF guide comprises various images, maps, language phrase. You can read it using any PDF reader or listen using any available text-to-speach app offline using your Smartphone, Tablet on the go. #GoaPocketGuide


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Product Description

Goa, the smallest state of India, and referred as little Portugal the most famous beach resort in India. A Portuguese colony, joined the state of India after Independence. It became known to Western tourist, by the Hippie people during 1960. Millions of tourists from all over the world visited Goa since then. Goa, still ranks among the most popular beach destinations in World. Goa is now under Visa on arrival scheme and a destination for adventure, beach travel, sports, water sports, Indo-Portuguse cuisine, shopping, festivals. Goa Pocket Guide, covers all aspects of Goa travel. It will help you in your vacation planning, accommodation reservation, travel, and everything.


1. Luxury Villas reservation contacts

2. Contact of all cruise companies in Goa

3. All boutique hotels

4. Activities in Goa, shopping, nightlife

5. Adventure in Goa

6. Travel, transportation, accommodation reservation contacts



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